A step in the right direction…

After 53 days, 10″ of rain, extensive pressure from Save Picton Bay, several broken promises from Picton Terminals, a Provincial Officer’s Order and a deadline extension, the salt piles appear to be covered.

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That didn’t take long.

Just before the MOECC November 24 deadline for Picton Terminals to cover their polluting salt piles, the PT owners requested a delay and MOECC officials granted it, to November 29.

On the surface, the PT owners’ excuse seems reasonable.  But not so much in the context of a growing pile of excuses for a growing pile of PT delays and an equivalently growing pile of concessions by MOECC officials.

More specifically, in their latest request for a delay, the PT owners cited the tarping company’s “safety concerns for its workers. The salt pile has steep sides and as you know, it is located near the edge of the escarpment.”  And how has it ended up so close to the edge?  What else can we attribute this dangerous situation to than PT’s desire to accommodate more salt, and at the same time the company’s excavations deeper and deeper into the escarpment?

Meanwhile, in Picton it’s raining as I post this.  Which means more road salt is running off, further contaminating Picton Bay.  Thanks, PT and MOECC.

The latest PT request and Ministry concession are detailed here:  Picton Terminals POO Order# 1742-ASXLMQ-1- Amendment



Another clean-up Order to Picton Terminals: Progress – ?

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has issued yet another Provincial Officer’s Order to Picton Terminals, concerning the owners’ continuing failure to control salt run-off into the Bay and surrounding environment.

This time, perhaps, can we expect actual progress?  And if not, actual enforcement?  It remains to be seen.

Read the Report, the basis for the new Order, here:  Picton Terminals POO Report# 1742-ASXLMQ

The new Provincial Officer’s Order (unfortunate acronym: POO) requires seven specific changes by the PT owners, each with a specific compliance date.  # 1 is to ensure that the salt piles are covered with tarps.  The deadline is Friday, November 24 — tomorrow.  Read the full order here: Picton Terminals POO Order# 1742-ASXLMQ

The Report and Order includes an Attachment, an aerial image of the Picton Terminals site, here: Picton Terminals POO Attachment# 1742-ASXLMQ

Walleye fishery at risk

In 2015 local resident David MacKay raised the first alarms about damages to the Bay and surrounding environment by newly established Picton Terminals.  Here McKay talks with Scottie Martin, an avid fisherman who runs the Walleye Wednesday Facebook page.

Watch/listen here:  https://www.facebook.com/search/str/save+picton+bay/keywords_search.  Scroll down to 4th item, Scottie Martin, click on embedded link, Save Picton Bay.  The interview starts at -10:12 min.