Another clean-up Order to Picton Terminals: Progress – ?

News / November 23, 2017

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has issued yet another Provincial Officer’s Order to Picton Terminals, concerning the owners’ continuing failure to control salt run-off into the Bay and surrounding environment.

This time, perhaps, can we expect actual progress?  And if not, actual enforcement?  It remains to be seen.

The new Provincial Officer’s Order (unfortunate acronym: POO) requires seven specific changes by the PT owners, each with a specific compliance date.  # 1 is to ensure that the salt piles are covered with tarps.  The deadline is Friday, November 24 — tomorrow.

The Report and Order includes an Attachment, an aerial image of the Picton Terminals site, here: Picton Terminals POO Attachment# 1742-ASXLMQ

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According to the Doornekamps…

November 23, 2017