Deputation to PEC Council by Victor Lind, July 23, 2019 on behalf of Save Picton Bay

News / Top News / July 24, 2019

As most of you know by now, our citizen’s environmental group, Save Picton Bay, was formed soon after Picton Terminals started blasting limestone off the face of the cliff at the water’s edge in 2016.

This led, understandably, to residents asking questions about Picton Terminals’ desire to create a Great Lakes shipping port akin to Hamilton Harbour, the possibility of a roll-on/roll-off ramp to barge bio waste to New York (later withdrawn verbally by the Doornekamps) and the presence of large ocean going ships entering these shallow waters and threatening not only the fishery but Picton’s water intake with stirred up sediment from their prop wash

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Save Picton Bay July 23rd, 2019 Deputation to PEC Council

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SPB Yearend Message

The  Save Picton Bay (SPB) Board & Steering Committee thank you for your support over the course of the past...

December 22, 2018