Ministry confirms: “The salt piles have not been adequately covered.”

News / July 28, 2017

This email was received by Save Picton Bay on July 27, 2017. It’s from Roberto Sacilotto, Supervisor (A) of the Kingston District Office, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change:

Thank you for your email. As you are aware, in November 2016 the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change issued a Provincial Officer’s Order to the owners of Picton Terminals that, among other things, requires the salt piles be covered within fifteen working days from arrival to the site, and that the ministry be notified a minimum of seven days prior to the receipt at the terminal of any material that has the potential to cause an adverse effect.

The ministry did receive written notification from Picton Terminals for the shipments of salt received on July 6th and July 20th, and the ministry continues to conduct site visits to assess compliance with the requirements of the Order and to ensure measures are in place to reduce the discharge of contaminants from the site.

It is the ministry’s understanding that Picton Terminals will not receive any more salt shipments this year.

Ministry findings from recent site visits indicate that the salt piles have not been adequately covered, as required in the Order.  Ministry staff have further required the piles be covered as soon as possible and will be following up to ensure it has been completed.

The ministry’s November 2016 Provincial Officer’s Order also required Picton Terminals to conduct groundwater and surface water monitoring on the property.  As you noted in your email, the results from the first round of sampling show there are impacts to the local groundwater with potential impacts to Picton Bay.

As a result, ministry staff are preparing an additional Provincial Officer’s Order that will require Picton Terminals to remediate a neighbouring property and implement measures to reduce potential impacts from surface water runoff.

The ministry is also working with Picton Terminals’ owners to better manage the salt on the property and the associated runoff.

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