Picton Terminals Continues to Pollute with Salt and Clinker

News / Top News / December 3, 2018

As many of you know, Ted and I went over to Mike Hymus’ property twice in the last several days to gather evidence of the clinker dust, storage and salt runoff over Mike’s property.

We gave Shannon Kelly(MECP) samples; she has inspected and took her own and we are 99% convinced that the big clinker shipment blew into the wind and is now dumped into a pit of water which, together with salt is migrating down into the limestone and into Picton Bay. This is after Judge Tausendfreund ordered that the majority of the easterly land parcel of PT be used only for Rural Residential and the bottom one third ” be used for access by and storage of industrial vehicles”.

The onsite storage of bulk material is not permitted on the RU1 lands. Note in the photo where this latest pile of Clinker is sitting! And what it’s sitting on!

Ted has notified the Federal Environmental inspector; he ordered them to stop the flow of salt brine through the Hymus property a year ago; yesterday we both saw and tasted the salty water flowing into Hymus’ pond which flows into the Bay. We wait to see what these agencies will do with this latest transgression as we await our own legal appeal process. Why does it seem we’re the only ones holding PT to account for their actions?

Several members of our Board of Save Picton Bay met on Thursday with Quinte Conservation. It was a productive meeting in getting to know Brad McNevin and several of his senior staff. We went through the conditions of approval for Picton Terminals permit and noted that several were never carried out. They have admitted that they have neither the staff nor the resources to audit these conditions! They had never inspected Picton terminals to see if they were in compliance! The Doornekamps know this and this may be part and parcel of why they ignore regulations put in place to protect this community and the environment.

In the meantime, I am forwarding this to the new members of County Council in the hope that they will have a better understanding of what is going on and do something about the fact that PT is appears to be using the RU1 lands for stockpiling of bulk goods in contravention of the Judge’s ruling. Land Use Zoning is the one area that the County of Prince Edward has jurisdiction and all the other Provincial and Federal agencies look to PEC to confirm the zoning for the uses on this site.

Victor Lind

save picton bay
save picton bay

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