Save Picton Bay goes to court: Affidavits

News / February 16, 2018

Save Picton Bay is going to court, in a vital case that pits SPB against both Picton Terminals and its ally, the PEC Municipal government.

Although the case hinges on technical matters of zoning bylaws, the outcome will have major impact on the health of the bay and the Picton water supply, the rights of citizens to environmental protection, and responsible government.

This is #1 in a series of 7 affidavits or exhibits, legal documents that support the various arguments to be presented in court.

You’ll find them in 7 separate postings, in this order: (1) Professional planner representing Save Picton Bay; (2) professional planner representing Picton Terminals; (3) professional planner representing PEC Municipality; (4) SPB planner’s response to 2 and 3; (5) Affidavit from Chief of Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte; (6) exhibits 1 – 6 on the Picton Terminals’ affidavit; (7) PT’s exhibits 7 – 13.

The Save Picton Bay planner’s affidavit is here: Affidavit 1, SPB planner.

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