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News / December 22, 2018

The  Save Picton Bay (SPB) Board & Steering Committee thank you for your support over the course of the past three years which has led to the following achievements:

 – the original SPB mission: regulatory accountability for Picton Terminals (PT) , now happening

 – Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP – formerly Ministry of Environment & Climate Change )  now pays regular visits 

 – PT plead guilty and fined over $27,000 for allowing PetCoke to blow onto neighbouring Property 

– Fisheries & Oceans Canada declared run- off from salt into bay to be toxic to   fish and amphibians and ordered clean up 

– MECP ordered no further salt delivery beginning 2019 ; unless it is covered with permanent silos

 – Court Order to cease industrial operations on RU1 land- leakage continues from PT across Hymus’ Property despite MECP order. MECP & ECCC investigating.

– PIcton Terminals originally proposed shipping garbage from site until SPB made it public

– a new working relationship created with the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte designed to protect water quality 

– SPB raised community awareness through town hall meetings  and supported  environmentally conscious councillors , all of whom were elected

– MECP determined that a September clinker Delivery was improperly stored and ordered it moved. Friends of SPB quick to report to authorities

 – MECP is awaiting test results for alleged dust contamination from a second delivery of clinker

– County’s costs for the oil clean up in 2017 is $650k

– Lawyers for SPB are planning an appeal of Court ruling- County Residents have been generous in allowing SPB to reach its 2018 fund raising objective

– much remains to accomplish – SPB meets regularly with politicians from all 3 levels of government to advocate for stronger enforcement  

– SPB actively increasing the depth of its scientific expertise 

– SPB was first to report that, contrary to PT disclosure, over last 5 years almost 11,000 tons of salt was ‘ lost ‘ by PT, presumably into Picton Bay

– beyond Picton Terminals many Environmental/ Pollution/ Water issues remain from 150 years of industrial activity in and around Picton Bay

Save Picton Bay is a fully volunteer advocacy group of citizens from all walks of life. It has no intention of attempting to deprive anyone of earning a living or operating a business; as long as the pristine quality of our drinking water and Picton Bay is respected. A positive consequence of Save Picton Bay is the incredible experience, caring, expertise and leadership resources of its supporters from every corner of the County.

A big “ shout out “ to Michael Birch of PEC Web Design & Internet Services who provided a generous community discount to recently revamp the SPB website.

May you and your Family enjoy a warm Holiday Season and a fulfilling and Healthy New Year.

Dave Sutherland

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